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Upper Class for Free…ok so you have to pay the tax. Why loyalty is important for today’s traveler.

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A lay flat pod with two windows and champagne upon boarding, plus the lounge access for free?

This is why loyalty to one Airlines and their credit card is important if you care about flying like “Royalty”.

In the United States you do have to pay the tax (one of the things we still can’t avoid in life). However, the tax is less than the cost of an economy ticket.

So how do you do it? Try to stick with one Airlines and their partners. American and British Airways both part of the Oneworld Alliance which includes 19 other airlines. Use a credit card for the Airlines. I have an American Airlines credit card and I charge everything (but pay it back each month). Check into the details as some have double or triple points for various purchases. I also Get a free checked bag on domestic flights by using the card.

Of course you do need to sign up for the frequent flyer program, get the credit card and make sure to add your number to both.

If you like to fly like Royalty and don’t have a “Royal”, budget then don’t forget to use this tip.

Cheers and see you on the other side of the “Pond”.

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