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Personal VPN for public wi-fi, be safe add security for dollars a month!

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Be safe when you travel (and even at home), your own personal VPN can help with security.

When you travel (or just log into public Wi-Fi at your favorite free wi-fi locations) did you know that you are opening up your phone and/or computer to others on the site who may not have the best intentions? We all know not to do our banking or other personal financial business while on public wi-fi because it is so easily hacked, but did you think about this for simple things like email? Know anyone with their email or social media accounts hacked? This is a great spot to get hacked (and yes it includes wi-fi on airplanes too).

Security is important these days and you really need to read up on every tech article you can but as a minimum don’t forget to use a personal VPN.

What’s that? Many of us use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for our work devices and they won’t even work half the time on public spots because some of the security is just too low. See link below for the details.

I’ve purchased a VPN for my own personal use. It’s highly rated and reviewed on the tech sites and a great price at a few dollars a month for up to 5 devices (phone, laptop, tablet etc.). It’s worked great for me and I’ve only had it not log onto a few governments sites based on it’s masking ability (read the link below for that too).

Here is a link to the one I’ve been using. NordVPN

Also, sometimes when you travel outside of your home country you have sites blocked by the local government or perhaps you’d just like your browser to be from your home country. Or maybe you’re at home and you’d like to access the internet as if you are in their country. NordVPN allows you do do this by offering a map with all the countries you can log in from throughout the world.

As we know, pricing is different based on local economies so try your hand at booking hotels, flights and other items based on being logged into a different country.

For more details click here:

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