Lisbon, Portugal

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Spending a few days in Lisbon I found some treats, trams and even learned a few new tricks. I’ve been here a few times but there is always something new and exiting to learn.

In this article I will cover:

  • Flavors of the area
  • Four neighborhoods with most of the fun
  • Places to experience the nightlife
  • How I arrived from Faro (The Algarve-Southern Portugal
  • Getting around locally

First, the “Famous Flavor”: Pastíes de Nata

If you’re touring around Portugal you will see these little custard tarts in most coffee shops and snack bars but just like most regional specialities they taste better the closer you get to the regional source.

They look like a little birds next with an egg yolk inside. The crust or cup is made from a flaky pastry and the inside holds an egg custard. Sprinkle some cinnamon or powdered sugar on top and you’re enjoying like a local. Our Uber driver pointed us in the direction of one of the best shops and once I tasted a hot version right out of the oven I agree it is the best I’ve I’ve tasted so far (of course I will keep tasting). Manteigaria located in the Barrio Alto District ar Rua do Loreto 2.


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