Why a California Gal Moved to Portugal (Algarve)

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I get asked all the time why I moved from California to Europe, specifically Portugal.

I think photos and videos tell the story the best so I’ve made a video and then have more videos available on my American in Portugal You Tube site.

It’s just a quick pass but here is the link to YouTube: Click here for YouTube video

The basics:

  • Kind, humble and friendly people.
  • Low cost of living (river and beach views in my town for 200k).
  • History baby (around every corner).
  • The Algarve (South) has over 300 sunny days a year (even on the beach)…no “June gloom or May Grey” here.
  • Easy to hop around Europe by car, train or plane (weekend in Paris for a $50 flight…round trip).
  • Miles of untouched beaches
  • Largest natural preserve in Europe, the Rio Formosa.
  • Retire early
  • Golden Visa (buy a property for 500k to be eligible).
  • Cafe culture
  • Focus on family and friends
  • And more….

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