Moving to Portugal as an American Xpat Questions Answered.

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Thinking of moving or retiring in Portugal? I’ve put together a few videos on the most common questions I’ve been asked.

The first I answer is “why Portugal” and then I tackle some questions, answers, and my perspective along with some antidotes.

The biggest questions seem to be about where to live in Portugal, health insurance, day to day life etc.

Here are the links:

Why I moved to Portugal:

Basic questions video #1:

More questions video #2:

My town in the Algarve VRSA:

Portugal Poetry set to Video and music. Author interview and expat life on why we love Portugal.

Here is the home page to my you tube with more videos on health care, finance and slice of life videos with adventures and friends.

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Explore Portugal with tips, tricks, and fun clips: airports, trains, rental cars, best apps & more. Portugal with tips, tricks, and fun clips: airports, trains, rental cars, best apps & more.

Buying real estate in Portugal:

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Cheers from your Traveling Queen and now an “American in Portugal” on (youtube) as people are loving watching videos more today vs print.

American Xpat in Portugal
Life on the beach in the Algarve as an American Xpat in Portugal

I live in the South “The Algarve” of Portugal famous for the sunshine and beautiful beaches (I grew up in Southern California so beaches and sun are important to me.

If you want to learn more about my town,

Vila Real De Santo António I have a video for you on that also.

Enjoy and let me know how you’re enjoying the articles at


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