My local beach in the Algarve of Portugal.

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I’m sharing a little video of my local beach in Vila Real De Santo Antonio, Portugal. (VRSA is the easy way to write it).

I live in this sweet little town (it’s also a county so it can be confusing). There are many cute towns in VRSA county but this one is a year around town vs a tourist town.

My beach is only accessible by a walking/biking trail or a long dirt road (car will be covered by a fine dust) so it doesn’t get too crowded.

A sweet little snack bar with beer and coffee sits on the beach offering cool chairs and palapa to patrons. You can rent beach lounge chairs for the day under a palapa for 10-14 euros for two (depends on the time of year).

Click here for the link to the YouTube video I made to share.

You can view sand dunes and beach views for kilometers. This is a much less crowded alternative when the beaches of Monte Gordo or other easily accessible beaches get packed in the summer months. So if you don’t mind a walk to it through the pine forest or a long dirt road this is a great spot.

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