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Travel comfortable but not trashy.  Big shoes, big socks…not so much.  Try a great loafer with lots of support. My favorite are deck shoes but don’t forget shoes with a great tread for touring through old towns with beautiful aged stone (translation-slippery). There are plenty of lightweight shoes with tread which are sleek out there. Break them in at home so you’ll be cozy. Some of my favorites are Sketchers lightweight slip on shoes with gel inserts. Cozy and super light. They go with pants and shorts. Don’t forget the low socks (stop the knee high stuff please unless you need them for medical reasons). I use wicking athletic socks as they keep my feet dry and also dry quickly when washing on the road. Many of them also offer arch support (great for all the adventuring around and exploring).

Lightweight shoes and clothes are key as most airlines now have lower weight limits for not checked and carry on baggage. But they have their advantages for laundering and keeping your day bag light too. Figure anything heavy will cost you more money but also space and who is carrying that bag around?

Layers are key to packing smart, but which layers make the packing list?

Yoga pants which look like slacks as they go from a hike to the dinner table in a nice restaurant. They are comfortable and stretchy, don’t wrinkle and dry quickly. My favorite are men’s (yes men’s) ABC pants from Lulu Lemon. They fit us gals (even with hips) they look dressy so you can hike in the morning and won’t need a change for dinner. Just wear a wicking tank top and throw over a blouse to make your hiking outfit transition into a night time outfit. (Ok don’t forget a shower if you got sweaty, just because you look good doesn’t mean you can smelly bad).

I also love the Columbia shirts which breathe, have zip pockets, are stretchy and look dressy. Lightweight and classy these take you from hiking to dinner.

As yoga brands and workout clothes get nicer and nicer they are perfect for travel. Since most have wicking fabrics you will stay dry keeping you cooler and warmer as needed. Major bonus is that you can wash and they dry quickly. Less time in a dryer or if you hang dry the will dry overnight even in a humid location.

Layers-pretty basic but always pack layering options. Keep them plain and add a colorful scarf for style and color pops. Easy to change and update and buy as travel keepsakes. Much better to buy a scarf than some random heavy item that you have to dust (and remember the comment on weight these days for airlines).

Bug Clothes are fabulous for trips locations which come with biting friends. I found some bug repellent clothes on Amazon. The mosquitoes can’t bite through and they’re treated with a repellant which makes it through many washes. You can also bug treat your clothes with a spray from Amazon. I treated all of mine before a trip to Thailand and went bug free on the trip.

Dont forget the compression socks for the airplane (yep for real…the longer the flight the more important).  Blood pressure meds can blow those ankles up.  Exercise and a diuretic may be an essential to keeping the blood flowing and then draining the excess once you land.

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