What You Must Know Before Using Public Wi-Fi

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What you must know before using a public Wi-Fi and The dangers of using Public Wi-fi and how to make it a bit safer.

Have you ever logged onto a public Wi-Fi? Did you use a VPN (a what?)? If not then you’re exposing yourself to anyone else on the network? Ever have that dream that you’re walking around naked?  Well, you are if you use a public wi-fi and you don’t cover yourself with the bare minimums…that would be a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

When you travel, (or just log into a public Wi-Fi) free and paid, you are exposing your phone and/or computer to hackers (even emerging teenage wanna be’s). Those who share the same Wi-fi have access to your stuff unless you protect yourself.  Some of these dubious punks are just lying in wait for you to walk in naked so they can steal your sensitive data.

Hopefully, somewhere you learned not to access your banking or other personal financial business while on a public Wi-Fi (because it can be hacked so easily).  Have you also considered this for simple things like email? Do you know anyone who got their email or social media accounts hacked? Public Wi-Fi is a great spot to get hacked if you feel like giving away your personal and financial information. And this isn’t just the free spots like your favorite coffee shop but even on airplanes and in your hotel where you pay for premium internet (that just means high-speed…more on that below).

Security is high on our radar these days (if it isn’t on your radar then this is the time to tune in). You really should be reading up on security articles, if you haven’t (oops) then at a minimum you should be using a personal VPN.

What is a VPN? It is additional security that makes your digital surfing world private. Would you close your curtains if you knew someone was looking in to steal your personal or financial information? If you don’t, then it is just inviting those hackers to take a look. When you walk in naked right in front of them then well…you haven’t really done the minimum to clothe (cloak) yourself. Now some phones or programs on your computer come with a basic level of security so you “feel” dressed, but are you doing your best to block out a creeper or aspiring hacker? Security programs and some VPN’s are like curtains, some are thin and easy to see through while some are military grade sheet metal?  How important is your “stuff” to you?

And don’t forget that your ISP (yes another acronym, Internet Service Provider…the peeps that provide the internet connection) can also see all of your traffic.  They can watch, sell and send your surfing data away.  Ever download a pirated video and got a nastygram (I’m so not endorsing doing this but…how did they know?)…well time to go invisible, stealth, cloaked, masked or whatever word you identify with.  Close the sheers, curtains and slam down that metal protective shield with military grade encryption.

But wait there’s more…

How about some extra perks?  Read here for more on:

  1. Faster speeds as Public Wi-Fi will throttle back (slow down) your speed so you have to buy premium (or they are just allocating speed).
  2. Location-based pricing…yup, you pay more for that airline ticket based on where you live.
  3. Cookies who increase your pricing the more you visit a site (darn showing interest over and over can increase your cost).

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