Road trip through Spain.

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Portugal to Andorra and Barcelona (the long way).

Did you know that Madrid wasn’t always the capital of Spain? Toledo (not the one in Ohio) used to be the capital until the king decided that the town was too small.

  • This charming medieval village is easily walkable and offers many historical exhibits.
  • Great shopping and many tapas cafes
  • Super hot in the summer so go in winter to plan to “siesta” like the locals.
  • I chose to stay just outside of town in a Marriott Affiliate hotel called the AC. Easy parking and just a few minutes into town.

Next stop Zaragoza a more modern town with a large plaza flanked by an alcazar and cathedrals.

Then off to Andorra with a few roadside stops in ….


Gibraltar, crossing an active runway to get from Spain to “The Rock”


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