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Mabula Game Lodge South Africa and The Zebra

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The zebra is so abundant on game drives that the drivers typically don’t even stop for them. On our way to find elephants and the big five we saw this beautiful zebra who had stopped for some snacks and asked our driver to stop for a few minutes. So regal!

The lighting of the sun was behind the zebra making this a hard shot to capture (well not really). Some of the people in our group were having a hard time getting a good shot.

One of the things I learned in all my college photo classes when the sun is aiming at you is to get up higher and aim your camera down. This will allow you to get the beauty of the sun behind the shot.

The halo and light behind the subject gives prominence to the subject. In this case it illuminates every hair on the zebras mane.

You can use the light from behind as a way to create an illuminating effect to make the subject look heavenly or appear dreamlike by allowing more light in. Even play with sun flares for an angelic effect.

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