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Mabula Game Lodge, South Africa -Elephants

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Getting up close and personal with one of the big five is an overwhelming experience. When one of these magnificent animals catches your eye and decides to tentatively approach your group it is an awe inspiring moment.

while we were watching this male elephant walk towards us, our guide from the Mabula Game Lodge asked “if we were all alright with his approach”, we asked “why”. The guide informed us that the elephant was probably trying to decide whether to continue looking at us or to charge us. He wanted to know if we wanted to drive away.

The thought never crossed our minds to be afraid, and of course everyone in our caravan said “stay”. We were not moving unless it decided to charge us. We saw our driver back up fast on other dirt roads so we knew he was a capable driver.

There was no need to escape as the elephant sauntered down the road towards us. He checked us out took a sniff and and then continued along his way into the brush.

We were happy with our decision to stay and admire this magnificent animal.

In the photo above the elephant just noticed us. Our guide explained that he is pretending to eat as he is checking us out and figuring out the situation.

He obviously decided we were not a threat, and did not charge us.

A perfect day.

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